Introducing a brand new ecommerce experience with micro-frontend services

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2019 - present
Senior front-end developer
Leroy Leroy Leroy Leroy Leroy Leroy Leroy
Merlin Merlin Merlin Merlin Merlin Merlin Merlin

About project

E-commerce store selling DIY solutions for ordinary customers and businesses. The store is known all over the world and covers more than 10 countries.

We in our team have created a platform that creates and manages micro-frontends. Its main feature is "server-side rendering", which provides full SEO support and is definitely needed for e-commerce. To develop a new version of the main store, we have developed a UI kit with a focus on solving all our needs and a high level of availability. When developing our internal products, we focus on high quality using UNIT test coverage with a minimum value of 80% and a reference value of 94%. We also use a complicated pipeline for our ci/cd with more than 10 stages
I participate in a core team of microfrontend platform and architecture (migration to microfrontend).
Core maintainer of UI Kit Project (all web projects) with a focus on infrastructures, project building, ci/cd, UNIT tests and accessibility
Leading mentor of react development in the company corporate university. Creator of courses about frontend technologies
Conducting interviews in the main projects and teams of the company in the direction of front-end
Head of the department of mentoring. I’m teaching other mentors about how we can teach our middle and juniors

My role in project

leroy-merlin mobile screens
leroy-merlin mobile screens
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